2010년 7월 30일 금요일

Good to Great

Everyone in the office was given a copy of Jim Collins' Good to Great, an easy to follow book that details the key factors that turn a good company into a great company. On the B-M Korea office's Facebook group, I saw that 류부사장님 had pointed out an interesting discussion presented in the third chapter, “First Who...Then What (사람 먼저...다음에 할 일)”. The topic of this chapter has been a running theme in several of the training sessions I've attended at B-M, and that is the idea that a great firm starts with its people.

Jim Collins gives readers the analogy of a bus that must be filled with the right people before any decision can be made about where it should go. Having the "right" people will ensure that the bus will ride smoothly in any direction. In other words, if a company has the right talent, it can easily adapt to different business conditions and take the company in the direction it needs.

Without specific products to sell, a PR firm's greatest asset is the "right" people. These people are not only sharp professionals and potential leaders, but are also team players who ultimately work on behalf of the company rather than themselves. I've had the honor to work with such individuals at B-M. The quality of their work and attitude in the workplace has made my internship a positive learning experience. I've observed the kind of work ethic and dedication to the team that it takes to become a respected colleague who in turn, helps turn a good company into a great company.

I still remember when Bob Pickard, CEO of Burson-Marsteller Asia-Pacific, visited our office back in March. He drew a big circle on the whiteboard, tracing a company's growth path. And right at the beginning of that path was "people". Our president, Margaret Key, delivered the same message during a staff meeting some time later. She explained that B-M Korea's success originates from its people and how the office could only hope to take things to the next level by continuing to display exemplary professionalism and teamwork.

It's not a coincidence that three leaders at B-M have made a point to emphasize the importance of a company's people. Their common point of view is reflected in the talent that populates this office.

As my last official post as a B-M intern, I would like to thank you all for a great internship experience and for inviting me to take a seat on the B-M Korea bus. It's been a great ride!

2010년 7월 25일 일요일

The New Influencers

A little over a month ago, I posted a Facebook status update that read "iPhone 4G=AMAZING" (a careless naming error since the iPhone 4 is not on a 4G network), to which I received a wealth of comments, both on and offline. Some agreed with me, lamenting the fact that they had purchased an iPhone 3GS only a few weeks before. Others went so far as to disparage the iPhone as just a fad with inadequate battery life and reception problems.

The comment that invited the admiration of fellow Apple fans and sparked the ire of others more critical of the brand.

And while I had read about all the details of the phone from Apple's website, my friends' comments still held considerable sway over my future purchase decision. Companies like Apple claim to know their customers' needs--and iPhone sales prove that to a certain extent. But a consumer will naturally be wary of a company's self-promotional tactics. It is much easier to trust your close network of friends--other consumers who are in or have been in your shoes. While my friends may not have had the new product in their hands at the time, they had plenty of experience with the brand to share with me.

Maureen Lippe, CEO of communications agency Lippe Taylor, writes in PRWeek Insider how she considers consumers to be the "ultimate influencers" with the advent of digital channels and social media.

My less-than-140 character status update sparked a conversation—a conversation which was also available on the news feeds of my extended network of Facebook friends. Unlike a tech review, this short and casual back-and-forth about the iPhone helped me and undoubtedly influenced others in forming a comprehensive opinion about the brand and the product.

Maureen Lippe's thoughts on the power of online consumer networks are true. Most folk are looking for information they can relate to from people they can relate to. The age-old value of 'word of mouth' marketing still holds but now it's gone digital.

2010년 7월 19일 월요일

PR 101: The Art of Storytelling

On Monday we had the privilege of meeting with Evan Ramstad of The Wall Street Journal who gave us his two cents on the importance of good storytelling in quality journalism. It was quite obvious that he's a seasoned pro at the art. Though he had his notes on paper in front of him, the whole talk had a natural flow and was woven into several anecdotes that gave life to his key points.

The opening slide contained the words "The king is dead." I couldn't think of what this might possibly refer to. The death of some financial mogul? Maybe Michael Jackson, the King of Pop? I quickly scratched that second thought, realizing that this was The Wall Street Journal, not US Weekly.

"The king is dead" is actually part of a story, according to E.M. Forster. The ending of that story is, "the queen then died." While simplistic journalism follows this method of storytelling, Mr. Ramstad explained that much more compelling stories develop a plot. "The king is dead and the queen then died of grief," best summarizes the kind of story that engages readers. The explanation for why the queen died adds a narrative element that good journalistic writing also seeks to produce.

He then drew upon personal experiences including his brief foray into the world of sports journalism and his time at a software company's "boot camp" for potential new hires to explain the challenges a reporter faces in crafting the plot of a news story.

His point is especially relevant for PR specialists who act as storytellers on behalf of their clients. Though a journalist's and PR consultant's motives may not always be in perfect harmony, the method of carrying out their tasks is the same. In order to foster a relationship between a firm and the public, a PR consultant must tap into the emotions of the audience. Without a plot, the public's connection to the firm remains tenuous and unsure.

As he wrapped up his talk, Mr. Ramstad briefly touched upon the influence of social media—an area in which B-M continues to make great strides. Though he sees the cost of distributing information as having changed, he believes the cost of gathering information has remained the same. What communications specialists must focus on for the future is maintaining a high quality of storytelling in a world in which everyman can "be published". And the next step is to involve the readers in the storytelling process by engaging them through SNS.

The worlds of journalism and PR are no longer one-way streets. Though it is up to the journalist and PR consultant to deliver the framework and bulk of the story, storytelling is now more than ever a process which requires and invites audience participation.

2010년 7월 11일 일요일

"PR에대한 개념, 요 3권이면 끝!"

안녕하세요, 버슨-마스텔러의 인턴 윤희수 입니다. 저의 이번 블로그 포스팅 주제는 “PR에 대한 개념, 요 3권이면 끝!” 입니다. 오늘 오전 FedEx팀의 미정대리님께서 홍보 기본서들을 추천해주셨는데요. 저뿐만 아니라 다른 인턴분들이 읽어도 좋을것같아서 이메일을 공유하려 합니다. 미정대리님의 너그러운 아량으로 이메일 원본을 그대로 올립니다.


“PR에 대한 개념, 요 3권이면 끝!”

1) 가장 추천하는 책
일단 내가 아래 책을 추천하는 이유는, 수학의 정석 or 개념원리 같이 PR에 대한 기본 흐름과 개념을 잡기에 잘 정리되어 있어서예요. 처음 이 책을 만난 것은 미쿸에서 공부할 때, PR Management라는 PR 전공자 필수 과목으로 들었던 수업의 교재였는데, 교과서라는 것이 다 그렇지- 하고 돈아까워하면서 샀는데, 기본 개념을 바탕으로 PR 프로그램에 대한 스트럭쳐 및 PR의 다양한 분야에 대한 개념이 잘 정리 되어 있더라고요.

Strategic Public Relations Management (Paperback) . 정가 57,370원

2) 다음으로 추천하는 책
이 책은 우리 회사 브스밍룸에도 있긴 한데, 그게 개정판인지는 모르겠네요-
위에 책보다 더 기본적인 개념을 담고 있는 책인데, 커뮤니케이션 비전공자가 PR 캠페인에 대한 전체 flow를 이해하기 좋아요. 그러고 보니 요것도…학부때 PR 캠페인 교재였네 ㅎㅎ 교과서에 충실한 나;; 2001년도에 출간되서 2008년도에 개정판이 나왔는데, 사례들이 얼마나 업데이트 되었을는지 그 부분이 좀 걱정되긴 하네요-
굳이 안 사보고, 회사에 있는 것 읽어봐도 될 듯..

PR 캠페인 정가 18,000원

3) 마지막 추천
위 두 가지 책이 부족한 점이 있다면, 아무래도 이론이나 개념에 충실하다보니 사례가 충분히 나와있지 않다는 것이예요. 희수씨도 여러 가지 Client 업무 하시면서 느끼셨겠지만, 저희가 사례 조사를 굉장히 많이 하잖아요- 사례를 많이 아는 만큼, 다른 업무에도 적용 가능하고, idea도 퐁퐁 샘솟는 건데..
그래서 저도 잘은 못하지만, 시간 나면 아래 두 site는 열심히 보려고 노력해요
먼저 류 부사장님도 공유해주셨지만, PR Week. 뭐 두말할 것 없이 PR Case 및 여러 industry 뉴스를 들을 수 있는 곳이예요. 학생 때는 비싼 돈 주고 구독해봤었는데, 회사 오니 따로 access 할 수 있게 계정이 있어서 좋았어요. 희수씨도 맘껏 활용하세요

그리고, 아무래도 PR 위크는 해외 사례이다 보니, 국내 사례가 부족하다는 점이 있는데,
기업&미디어: http://www.biznmedia.com/ 요 사이트가 국내 홍보 사례는 많이 담고 있는 것 같아요 각 회사에서 어떤 release나 CSR 활동하는지도 뉴스 많이 올라오고. 국내 PR Industry 내용도 자주 올라온답니다.

그럼 많은 도움이 되길 바래용.
늘 감사합니다.


미정대리님은 항상 저의 허무맹랑한 보고서도 참을성 있게 읽어주시고 피드백도 잘 주신답니다. 대리님의 이메일을 읽어보니 대학생때부터 홍보에 많은 관심을 갖고 열심히 공부하셨던거 같아 반성하게 되네요…저도 PR관련 사이트부터 자주 들락거리며 기사들을 꼼꼼히 챙겨봐야 겠어요 미정대리님 저도 늘 감사합니다!

2010년 7월 7일 수요일

Who's Who at B-M Korea

Whenever I begin my search for an internship, one of the first places I visit on a company website is the employee biography section. I'm always interested in seeing where an organization's people come from and their industry experience. It's helpful for prospective candidates to have such information so that they can understand the character of a company and the possible paths to a career in the field.

But I also wanted to hear the stories behind my fellow interns' paths to B-M. So I sent them a little questionnaire and found out some interesting details!
Here's the scoop on our current fab five:

Jieun Jeannine Park (박지은)-Newcomer

Started working at B-M: Just last Thursday! (July 1, 2010)
School: Korea University
Major: International Studies / Journalism & Mass Communication
Path to B-M: In a ‘PR Campaign’ class I took last semester at school, one of our clients was ‘FedEx’. The assignment was to come up with a new CSR program for FedEx and present it to the client. So at the end of the semester, our team presented our CSR program in front of the client, FedEx, and ‘the people from its PR agency’, who turned out to be B-M’s 김선미 상무님 and 김동훈 선배님. After the class, everyone went out for beer and I asked some questions about B-M and what life is like as PR people. I wanted to learn more and thankfully I was given a chance to do so. It’s only been a couple days since I joined B-M but I am already enjoying my life here.

Keehwan Kwon (권기환)-Newcomer

Started working at B-M: June 29, 2010
School: Yonsei GSIS (Graduate School of International Studies)
Major: IMP (International Management Program)
Path to B-M: When I was running an entertainment business back in Canada, I felt that PR is one of the most important factors in a successful business. I didn’t have a chance to study or work in the PR industry but always wanted to get some experience. While I was studying business strategy at Yonsei GSIS, I saw an internship opportunity at B-M and applied for it. I find B-M attractive because I think B-M is pursuing a differentiation strategy while many other Korean companies pursue a cost-leadership strategy.

Heesoo Yoon (윤희수)-“Power Blogger"

Started working at B-M: Early June 2010
School: Duksung Women’s University
Major: French Literature, Business Administration
Path to B-M: When I was 16, one of my assignments was to read “China Travelog” by Hanbiya who showed me the world beyond Korea. One day I realized this author that I respect used to work for B-M as a PR specialist. From then on, I became interested in B-M as well as in PR. While studying business in the U.S as an exchange student, I thought a lot about what part of business I love and what career path I should pursue: the answer was the PR industry with B-M. The day before I left the U.S., a day which should have been very bittersweet, I received a phone call from my friend who told me, “B-M is looking for an intern!” I immediately wrote up my resume and cover letter to apply. The whole process went by fast and now I am working in the office with great and thoughtful people. I remember hearing that B-M Korea employees love B-M because of its ‘Honest and Smart People’. I do my best to be such a valuable B-Mer with pride. Last but not least, let me share my favorite quote by Henry Ford; “If you think you can, or you think can't, you're right!”

Daniel Seo (서태규)–Design, occasional posting

Started Working at BM: Late May 2010
School: KAIST (the best school in the world)
Major: Industrial Design, Management Science
Path to B-M: It was one gloomy night. A voice within my heart told me that I should look up available intern positions on Naver cafes. Of the many intern positions out there, few options stood out but I sent in my applications. And after a little waiting and fidgeting, B-M finally called up and my new life at B-M began, and so far, the ride has been fantastic.

Additional Comments: Actually B-M is a PR company but I’m sure many people out there do not know exactly what PR companies do. To be exposed to what PR companies do while at B-M has been really mind-opening and taught me a lot of things. I think this is a place that you definitely need to take into consideration because it will teach you so many things.

Jane Kang (강하나)-The English Editor

Started working at B-M: Late March 2010
School: Dartmouth College (the other best school in the world, Daniel)
Major: English Literature
Path to B-M: Because of a unique program at my school called the “D-Plan”, I was able to take some time off in the middle of the school year to work or pursue something else. I wanted to find an internship in the field of Public Relations, and furthermore, wanted to work in Korea where my parents live. I focused my search on international firms in the hopes of working with global clients and having a global network. I got in touch with the HR coordinators of several firms, but noticed that B-M's coordinator was the most receptive to my internship query. I applied to B-M, was given an interview several weeks later, and received a very welcome congratulatory phone call a few days after! Though I started out as an English editor, my responsibilities have grown to include supporting other client work.